A Journey Through The Supernatural Ever wonder where this “Ghost Craze” all started? Come on a Journey Through The Supernatural with veteran paranormal enthusiasts Tim Ellis and Brad Blair of the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society. Learn about some of the first Ghost Stories ever told, some of the most famous Ghost Photos, the pioneers in the field of Paranormal Research, and just what these unseen entities really are. Tim and Brad will also share first hand experiences from their Sixteen plus years of experience in chasing Ghosts! This presentation is a MUST SEE for ALL Paranormal Enthusiast. Tim Ellis and Brad Blair are veteran paranormal investigators who have been chasing ghosts since they were kids growing up together in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Childhood friends since third grade Brad and Tim have taken their love of the paranormal as kids to the next level when they created the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society in 2000 along with their other childhood friend Steve LaPlaunt. Starting in 2011 Tim and Brad spoke to sold out and standing room only crowds across the region with their presentation “A Journey Through The Supernatural”. For more information on the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society please visit www.upprs.org


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