The Team

So by now you have to be wondering to yourself….”who the heck are these people that would give their spare time to trying to find ghosts?” Trust me, we aren’t that different than you, really…..we’re not! Well, OK…..maybe was are a little different that the “average” person. Instead of long walks on the beach, we prefer a stroll through a possible haunted house. Instead of the newest cell phone or text messenger, we prefer the newest Digital Video Recorder, or EMF Detectors. So we may be a little different in some ways, but when the day is over and our equipment is packed up from a long investigation, just like you….we enjoy cracking a cold one and relaxing. Now, take some time and find out who we are, as we open up a little of ourselves to you so you can see just what makes us “Tick”…..Enjoy!

  • Tim Ellis
  • Steve LaPlaunt
  • Brad Blair
  • Lance Brown
  • Jason Fegan
  • Lee Shirrey
  • Matt Barr
  • Michelle Carick
  • Ryan McCleod
  • Matt McCleod