This particular EVP comes from an investigation of a local restaurant.  In it you will hear a local psychic we will work with time to time.  Although we don’t normally use a psychic on our investigations, if a client asks for one, there are very few we trust, and we will bring them in if asked by the client.  You will hear her talking about what she says the original owner of this place was telling her about what he wanted for his customers.  Then in between her talking you will quickly hear the name “Michelle” spoken.  We have a team member named Michelle, who was actually doing the review on this particular EVP.  Imagine her surprise when she heard her own name called.  Also keep in mind, she was NOT a part of this EVP session.  At the time this was recorded, she was in a different part of the building at HQ.  Also, further historical research into the location revealed to us that a former employee of the place, now deceased, was also named Michelle.  This is definitely one you need headphones for in its original state.  So we have attached the original, and a beefed up version.


EVP 2 voice Michelle

EVP 2 voice Michelle beefed up

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