A: Let us start by answering this question by stating who we ARE NOT. We are not “Ghost Busters”, and we are not Psychics or Mediums! So now you are asking yourself, then who the heck are you? We are an adult group of friends whose childhood love of Ghosts has lead us to create the UPPRS. We are a non-profit organization, which means to you, our services are free. We will never ask for a penny for what we do, so if anyone ever asks you for money and says they are from the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society, we are telling you here and now, THEY ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE UPPRS! We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, in the eastern corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, right on the border of Canada. However our investigations will take us across the entire U.P. of Michigan, and Northern Lower Michigan. The UPPRS is made up of 6 senior members who conduct the research and investigations; all 6 may not be at every investigation. We also have junior members that help with paper and office work only. It is important to remember that this is not our career. As much as we would love to get paid for this and make it our careers, we do not have degrees in Parapsychology, so we are technically amateurs and do not get paid. All 6 of the senior members have full time careers, girlfriends/wives, some have families, and others even have side businesses other than their full time career. So as you can see the UPPRS is a labor of love for us and we do it on our free time, so please excuse any delayed response to emails, we will try to answer all in a timely fashion. The 6 senior members of the UPPRS are:

1. Tim Ellis – Founder/Field Director

2. Lee Sherry – Field Researcher

3. Steve LaPlaunt – Field Researcher

4. Brad Blair – Historian/Record Keeper

5. Lance Brown – Technical Support

6. Jason Fegan – Technical Support

7. Matt Barr – Technical Support

8. Ryan McLeod – Field Researcher In Training

9. Michelle Carrick – Field Researcher In Training


A: We investigate! We don’t clear houses, we don’t “bust” ghosts. We simply investigate the facts that are given to us. We also DO NOT see dead people, we are not Psychic’s or Mediums. All of our investigations and research is done with physical equipment such as: EMF Meters, Motion Detectors, Night Vision and Regular Vision Video Recorder(s), High Powered Audio Recorder(s), Temperature Measurement Devices, and many others. After our investigation is done (could be 4 hours, could be 4 weeks, depending on activity…but no we don’t move in for 4 weeks…don’t worry!) we will take all information gathered and give our opinion on what is going on.

ARE YOU, OR DO YOU USE PSYCHIC’S OR MEDIUM’S? A: As stated above, WE ARE NOT PSYCHIC’S OR MEDIUM’S, or Parapsychologists for that fact. We have stated this before, and will state it again because it is very important you understand who we are and who we are not before we ever head into an investigation. The UPPRS does have access to a medium and will request their assistance if our client requests it. Medium’s used are independent of the UPPRS and all statements given by them are of their own, and may or may not reflect the thoughts and views of the UPPRS.


A: NO, NEVER, DON’T ASK FOR ONE TO BE USED!!! OUIJA boards are not used in our line of work. They are to easily manipulated, and therefore should not be used as solid evidence. OUIJA boards are often looked down on in the field of Paranormal Research. The other side of this argument is if the board is not being manipulated, but is moving, well it could open up much more in your home than what you may already have. It is much better to stay away from them all together.


A: Email us! upprsdirector@gmail.com! Give us details on what is happening, that is your first step. We will email you back and let you know if this is something we can help you with, or if it is out of our “league”. Understand we have the final say on what cases we will take and not take. We will never take a case that seems to be dealing with an evil spirit. We also have the right to call off an investigation at any time. If we are in the middle of an investigation and realize we are dealing with something sinister, we will call off the investigation immediately. In these cases we will try to put you in touch with someone who can help. If we decide to take your case we will get into more detailed information from your end and progress from there. If you do email us, don’t think it has to lead to an investigation. If you simply have a question or are curious about something, please email us and we will answer any questions and help out in any way that we can. If we end up providing an investigation at your place, here are the next two things that are expected:


a. First and foremost…Professionalism! From start to finish everything will be handled with respect for the client, their personal belongings, and their privacy. No names or addresses will ever be given without written consent, or prior publication of. Before any investigation happens, we will set up a preliminary interview with you. This interview will be face to face, with questions asked, notes taken, and could be recorded for audio as well. The interview is preferred to be at the place of the future investigation so that we may also take a walk around and get first hand knowledge of the layout of the place and where we will be setting up. Shortly after the interview we will contact you again to set up a time and date for the investigation. An average of 3 to 4 hours is normal for the first investigation, time could be longer depending on events of the visit. Once there we will need a working area, and access to all rooms of the house/building. After the investigation we will take all data recorded and decide if the investigation is over, or more visits will be needed. Once we have deemed and investigation over, we will take all data and put together a report which will be given to you, explaining our findings, and our thoughts on the events. Follow up contact may happen just to see how things are going.


a. First and foremost…Professionalism! The preliminary interview does more than just get us more information it allows us to see how serious you are about an investigation. This is not kid’s stuff, we are not playing Ghost Busters, so don’t waste our time, and we won’t waste yours. We simply ask that you only contact us for an investigation if you are completely serious about what is happening. Once we arrive for the investigation, it is imperative to have a “Controlled Atmosphere”. This will NOT be an opportunity for you to invite friends and relatives over to see a live investigation. Only the people who absolutely have to be in the area, can be there. Animals need to be confined, and everyone needs to stay in one room. If even one person is seen walking around and talking (outside of the UPPRS), all audio and video is ruined which means time and money has just been wasted. If this occurs, the investigation will be in jeopardy of being terminated. We need complete control of the area and people around or we can come to no solid conclusion. We can’t stress enough how important it is that only people are present who have to be.